Louis Flint Ceci

Comfort Me

Book One in the If I Remember Him series

About the Book

Set in a small town in south central Oklahoma, Comfort Me tells the story of three teenagers, Malachi “Mally” Jacobs, Randy Edom, and Joanie Tibbits, who find comfort in their unlikely friendship. But it’s a comfort that comes at a price. Randy’s former best friend, Red, harbors a jealousy that leads him to ever more violent bullying of Mally. Randy’s initially abrasive run-ins with Joanie blossom into romance, but he eventually uncovers the betrayals that underlie her seemingly perfect family. And Joanie’s efforts to bring Mally out of his shell seem on a collision course with her hopes for a steady boyfriend.


“Ceci has written an absolutely gorgeous story here which is a perfect read for a youngster facing adulthood or [for] anyone who wants to read a well-written and important work. ”

Amos Lassen, Amazon.com review (5 stars on Amazon.com), May 21, 2010

Comfort Me is an intriguing story of teenagers facing their families and their problems as they come of age. Highly recommended.”

Midwestern Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, November 2009

“Louis Flint Ceci manages to bring to...this atmospheric, genuinely tender story not only a cast of people we learn to love and understand, but also topics of sexual identity played out in such knowing detail that the bruises other writers bring to the topic pale in comparison.... This is a tale about the strength of the human spirit challenged by painful histories and unspoken truths and the powerful glue of friendships that allow us each to survive. Highly recommended.”

Grady Harp, Amazon.com review (5 stars)

“This is a complex and moving story about three friends and their struggles with family, friends, maturity and sexuality as they grow up. A well-rounded cast of secondary characters shows an amazing depth and complexity... a powerful and genuine glimpse into the lives of everyday people.”

Rainbow Reviews

Comfort Me is the first book in a projected series about the lives and loves of the people of Croy, Oklahoma. It is available from Prizm Books in both print and e-book format. It can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble , and IndieBound, the Independent Bookstores' online web site.

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Comfort Me is distributed in North America by Ingram and by Baker & Taylor.

Publication Details

Title: Comfort Me
Author:Louis Flint Ceci
ISBN 10:1-60370-554-6
ISBN 13:978-1-60370-554-7
Publisher:Prizm Books
Category: GLBTQ /
Young Adult /
Historical USA (1960s)
Rights: World
Pages: 308, paperback
Size:5x8 inches
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