Louis Flint Ceci

Comfort Me

Book One in the If I Remember Him series

About the Author

Louis Flint Ceciís poetry has been published in Colorado North Review, and his short stories and essays in Diseased Pariah News. His autobiographical short story, “The Tree and the Cross,” appears in the anthology Queer and Catholic, edited by Amie M. Evans and Trebor Healey (Routledge, 2008). He is a former high school speech and English teacher, and a former college professor of Journalism and Mass Communications. An avid swimmer, he has competed in the past two Gay Games and won three third place medals at the 2007 IGLA Tournoi International de Paris. He won the Gold Medal in the Poetic Justice poetry slam at the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney. Comfort Me is his first novel; it is part of a planned series.

“My interests range from poetry and short stories to cosmology and Buddhism, with weird little side trips into subjects like Carnegie Libraries, storm chasing, and Mathematical oddities like the Fibonacci series and regular polyhedra.”


Link of the Month:

  • The Golden Thread, version 1.2 There are now two types of games you can play.

    Why I like it: It's my first Android app: a simple game to be played on the surface of a regular tetrahedron. I think tetrahedrons are cool.

What Iím Currently Working On:

  • Hereís the first chapter of If I Remember Him, the prequel to Comfort Me.

  • The first chapter of Jacob's Ladder, the sequel to Comfort Me, can be found on my FaceBook page. I have now finished Chapter 9 and am working on Chapters 10 and 11, which will bring me to the half-way point in the novel.

Read the article on Comfort Me in the December, 2009, issue of Out Now Magazine
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