This is the gateway to a garden of quotations. There are eight paths through the garden (it is, after all, a Buddhist garden), and thirteen quotations along each path. You can get to all thirteen quotations simply by following the links. If you would like more context for a given quotation, click the Previous or Next areas and you will be taken to other excerpts from the same source document.

The eight paths are not currently connected to each other, but eventually will be. After all, connectedness is the essence of everything.

The Universe Is Awash with Life The universe is highly equitable in terms of location. Does the universal prevalence of evolution point to the endless diversity and abundance of life, or is it a symptom of samsara?
The Interpenetrating Web of Existence The entire universe of space and time is present in a speck of dust. If the speck of dust knows about the entire universe, does the entire universe know about the speck?
My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma In the face of eternity, even the sacred is as ephemeral as the clouds. Is being comfortable with impermanence a hopelessly Eastern concept, or just hopelessly West Coast?
The Void Is Out There If everything is connected to everything else, then what is the permanent essence of anything? If human beings are simply the sum of all their connections, then is there any such thing as an individual? Or are human beings different from everything else?
A Miraculous Web of Beauty Compassion and altruism are fundamental to human nature. This "fact" is central to Buddhist ethics. Are greed and aggression also fundamental to human nature? Aren't they also "facts"?
The Mind is a Part of Things At the molecular level, the mind operates on the level of quantum uncertainty. But then, so does the rest of the universe.
The Permanence of Impermanence Are we condemned by a life of mutability and constant change or blessed by it? If we and our universe are under constant change, how does something as improbable as life ever arise, let alone the complex phenomenon of consciousness?
The Consensual Reality We Create with Others Reality is what we make of it. If you and I make different worlds, are we forever separated? Are all attempts at communication at heart acts of coercion?